Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rustic Rompers - $15.00

These are P-E-R-F-E-C-T for the summer. They are so light and easy to wear and go! I made these two for my girls, they are coordinating fabrics, and they are darling, if I do say so myself.

**You can buy the matching flower for $2.00 when buying the dress, otherwise they can be purchase separate for $4.00, and they ALL come with a stretchy nylon headband**

The Maddy Skirt - $12.00

The Maddy skirt has one over sized pocket on the front. It can be made with ANY fabric combination and is darling on babies 0 - 12 months, but can be made in ALL sizes!

**You can buy the matching flower for $2.00 when you buy a skirt, otherwise if you buy them separate they are $4.00 and they all come with a stretchy nylon headband**

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Giveaway

I am giving away a onesie outfit..... It could be the "Party Dress", the "Raspberry Lemonade" (if you don't know what these are..... look at my posts, you can see them there) dress or another of my new creations. If you have a boy you will get the "Jam" onesie! (If you have an older girl 2-8 I will make one of my skirts!)

Enter your email address ***if you don't want to leave your email, just sign in with your blog name**** in the comment section along with the following information

1. if you have a Boy or Girl
2. What size

The DRAWING will be June 1st! (I moved back the date to participate in sew-mama- sew give away)Tell your friends. If I get a good enough response I will also give away a set of hair clips and burp cloths!

ANYONE CAN SIGN UP!!!!! If you don't have kids, give it to someone else!

Good Luck!

P.S. If you sign up as a "follower" I will put you on a list that lets you know of sales, specials and new cute things!!!!!! (and you will get DOUBLE entry on the giveaway)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The "Jam" Onesie $7.00

This onesie is for the boys! The tie can be any colors, you can match them to skirts or just pair them with a matching burp cloth.

Skirts - "Taylor" $15.00

These are the "Taylor" skirts. They are knee length, they have full skirts and two pockets. They can be any color combination.