Wednesday, June 24, 2009

can you say SLACKER! and giveaway!

Hey everyone... I have really been meaning to post, but, you guessed it.... I am a SLACKER~

I have decided to do a OVERHAUL of my etsy store, and to do that I have put the creative brain into HIGH gear to come up with some new things. I would LOVE to hear what you think about these new categories I am going to be adding.

I think the best answer could be rewarded with something..... A batch of homemade cookies maybe?

so here are the items I am thinking about putting in my etsy store:

1. The onesie tutu
2. new skirts
3. baby gift sets (like bibs, burps and onesies) **These will also come with a homemade gift bag and card**
4. Princess gift set (tutu and wand)
5. hair bows and cupcake clippies
6. tie on tutu's
7. the "hide my hooters" nursing covers
8. my first birthday set with skirt, cupcake shirt and clippie
9. Onesie dress with different pockets, sashes and more!

What do you think????

Be honest, if you hate all the ideas, tell me!

I really will send a dozen homemade cookies!


  1. I think your ideas sound wonderful. Mother and baby gifts are always so lovely to give and receive.

    Maybe you could add a little wrap/blanket into the baby gift set? Something simple and soft?

    I can't wait to see what you do.

  2. Oh, I am so excited to see your big

    R E V E A L!!!

    Love all the ideas!! What about Blankets? I am a sucker for all things minky and chenille!

  3. I think the onesie tutus. I wish there was a tutorial out there!

  4. I love the "set" idea! You could even offer a gift wrap option sent directly to the receiver.

  5. Oh, another tutu idea: You could make the tutu with elastic instead of ties for easy-on-easy-off for dress up.

  6. I like the gift set the best. Maybe instead of a gift bag (was it going to be fabric?) you could roll it in a coordinating blanket and tie it with ribbon...

  7. I think the gift set is a great idea but I also love the idea of the princess package! Cute ideas, keep up the good work!